2016 Issue 23 H&HS Levy

2016 Issue 23, Health & Human Services

I.          Summary

            This measure will appear on the ballot for all Cuyahoga County voters for the Primary Election on March 15, 2016. A vote for the tax levy would mean that the existing levy of 4.8 mills will be renewed for an eight-year period.  For a home worth $100,000.00, the annual cost will be $147.00. The intent is to raise $133 million annually. 

            A vote against the levy would eliminate the tax.   

            The money raised is used exclusively by the County’s Department of Health and Human Services, which supports programs for children, the unemployed, seniors, the homeless, those facing substance abuse issues, and those facing mental and physical health problems.

            In November 2013, voters approved the five-year renewal of the tax that serves as a companion to this tax in that it funds the same services.  That levy served to renew a 2.9 mill levy and increase that levy by 1 mill.  It created an estimated cost of $136.50 in annual cost for the owner of a home valued at $100,000.00. 

II.        Background

            A.        Ballot Language

Proposed Tax Levy


Health and Human Services

County of Cuyahoga

A majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage.

A renewal of a tax for the benefit of the County of Cuyahoga for the purpose of supplementing general fund appropriations for health and human or social services at a rate not exceeding 4.8 mills for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to 48 cents for each one hundred dollars of valuation, for eight years, commencing in 2016, first due in calendar year 2017.


Propuesta para Recaudación de Impuestos


Servicios de Salud y Humanos

Condado de Cuyahoga

Se requiere un voto afirmativo por mayoría para su aprobación.

Una renovación de un impuesto que beneficiará al Condado de Cuyahoga con el fin de complementar las asignaciones del fondo general para servicios de salud y humanos o sociales a una tasa que no exceda 4.8 milésimos por cada dólar de valoración, lo cual representa 48 centavos por cada cien dólares de valoración, por ocho años, comenzando en el 2016, con su primer vencimiento en el año calendario del 2017.

            B.        Cost Summary

            If approved, this measure would continue the existing 4.8 mill levy for the supplementation of general fund appropriations for health and human or social services.  If approved, the levy would commence in 2017 and continue through 2024.

            For every $100,000.00 of a home’s value, the owner would pay $147.00 per year.  If voters reject the measure, the homeowner would save that much per year.

            Several years ago, the State of Ohio ended what it calls the property tax rollback, which, when in place, meant that the state would pay for a portion of such levies (new, replacement, or increases).


            As indicated, this tax is tied to the value of real estate.  Hence, collections rise and fall with the County’s reassessment of properties or value changes at the point of sale or other transfer.  Story about county tax values.      

            C.        Use of Funds

           All of the funds from the existing levy, which voters last renewed in 2012, go toward the budget of the Health and Human Services Department of Cuyahoga County.

            The listing of programs and services within the department is here.


            The list includes programs that support children, mental health services, fatherhood services, employment services, and support for the elderly and the homeless.

            D.        History

            County Council placed this measure on the ballot in November 2015 by unanimous vote. 


             Voters first passed the levy more than 70 years ago.


III.       Summary

            The Citizens League is not taking a position on this issue.  It is providing this information in order to educate voters about the levy.