Voter Education

Voter Education

The Citizens League first used this web site to publish the results of its review of candidates for the office of Cuyahoga County Executive in 2010.  We have since covered numerous candidates as well as several levies and charter amendments.

Information relating to candidates and issues on the ballot in the current election cycle is available using the pull-down menu above.  For races we have covered in the past, you may use the pull-down menu to visit our archives.    

Candidate information and related publications are grouped first by year, then by an abbreviation of the office ("CE" for County Executive, "CP" for County Prosecutor, "CC" for County Council), then "P" if for a primary election, "G" for the general election.  For primary elections, the letter in parentheses designates party affiliation.

The Citizens League publishes Digital Dossiers for each of the candidates.  By using web links, these dossiers allow voters to review information in summary form on our web site, then link to the web site that contains the source information.  

Every member of The Citizens League has the opportunity to participate in this program if they do not have a conflict of interest and if they sign the League's non-partisan pledge.