2012 CP G The Rationale

2012 CP G The Rationale

The Citizens League of Greater Cleveland has rated Edward Wade, independent candidate for County Prosecutor, as adequately qualified.

In January of this year, The Citizens League published its ratings and evaluations of the candidates for County Prosecutor that were running in the Democratic Party primary.  Retired Common Pleas Court judge Timothy McGinty, who received a three-star rating (meaning he is well qualified), prevailed in that primary.  Because there were no candidates running from the Republican Party, Mr. McGinty faced no challengers until Edward Wade chose to run as an independent. 

Last year, Mr. Wade ran for a seat on the Cleveland Municipal Court bench against a candidate with a familiar name.  He lost that race.  Undaunted, he is now facing another candidate with an established name.  And, his challenge is greater now that Mr. McGinty has been appointed to serve as interim County Prosecutor following Bill Mason’s resignation. 

The Citizens League has extended a rating of two stars to Mr. Wade, which means that we believe he is adequately qualified for the position.   Mr. Wade has three decades of experience as a trial lawyer practicing primarily in the area of criminal defense. He has distinguished himself in many ways, both through service to his country and his community, and by learning Spanish and American Sign Language to better communicate with his clients.  In the 1970s, he worked for two years as a prosecutor for the City of Cleveland.  Other than this experience, he has worked as a solo practitioner.  He is candid about how his practice’s cash flow problems resulted in a number of tax liens and civil lawsuits.  His years of experience have qualified him to address a number of the issues that will face the County Prosecutor’s office.  However, he lacks the administrative or policy-setting experience that would have merited a higher rating. 

The goal of The Citizens League’s Candidates Program is to provide research, ratings, and designate a preferred candidate so each voter can make an educated decision in this and other elections.  While we are sure this information will be helpful, we welcome and encourage you to review our research, do your own research, and come to an educated decision as you cast your vote for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor.